Internet Services

Website Design, Secure Hosting & Domain Name Registration

Once the station has a look and sound you like - it's time to build your on-line presence. We design search friendly, social ready, websites and provide secure hosting with a domain name to suit the station image.

We will also help ensure your choice of domain is both on air friendly - so that presenters don't 'trip' over it - as well as marketing rich for optimum results.

Web Streaming (Audio)

To complete our range of Internet Services, tailored to meet the requirements of today's cash concious community and small scale commercial radio station, we are now able to offer competitive radio streaming packages.

Our typical IceCast package provides 2.5GB of storage space (for AutoDJ - your backup/sustaining server), offers unlimited bandwidth (within reasonable use - nominally 50GB per month) and streams in stereo at 128kbps.

Bespoke radio streaming packages are paid for in advance enabling us to keep the cost down and ensure the service is of the highest quality.

12 months streaming costs just £150+VAT which includes two months free of charge. 6 months cost £90+VAT. The standard services serve up to 250 listeners.

A short term RSL service (up to 1 month) is just £20+VAT for 500 listeners - or £40+VAT for up to 1000 listeners.

Get in touch with your specifications and we'll be happy to provide a formal quote.